My story

Thrown porcelain in vibrant colours from my north London studio’


I am fascinated by the vibrant colours of Imperial court porcelain. To give it a contemporary translation I wedge pigments in the white porcelain in a variety of colour depths. 


My background as an engineer and ethicist echoes through in my ceramic work, that is clear and balanced. I throw on the potter’s wheel and search for the crossline between design and craft. It is this tension between the handmade nature of my making process and the almost industrial manufactured outlook, that fascinates me. Subtle details reveal the maker’s marks, such as throwing lines inside the pots that become a testimony of the making process. 


The result is work that through simplicity of form and austere handling of material communicates honesty with a refined touch.


You can find my work at:


In 2016 selected for the Hothouse Programme of the Crafts Council. Hothouse is a highly acclaimed business development programme for emerging makers.

Portrait BaW Arjan Van Dal courtesy Sabr